Maya 2014 “Unfold” Event

Quite a few things have been going on with Maya for the 2014 release. You’ll get a chance to see them first online at the Autodesk Area Unfold Event.

There’s still much to be done, but the users have been heard on quite a few things as well as the influence of our community here with feedback and ideas.

You’ll also notice the MILA shaders have a new 3.11 compiled version for testing in the forthcoming mental ray on the nVidia Forum. (must be a member of the forum)

About David

I am a VFX artist that specializes in Lighting and Rendering. I spend a fair amount of my time supplying clients with artistic solutions as well as technology solutions. With a background in fine art and technical animation training, I strive to bridge the divide between the artist and technologist.

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked or not. Are the new Mia shaders in Softimage 2014 ?

    • Do you mean the MILA shaders?

      For now the shaders are in Beta on the nVidia/ARC website, you should go there (as a member) to be part of testing new features and shaping the final release.

  2. I don’t think I’m a member. Does being a member involve if I’m registered on the nVidia Mental Ray forum ?

    • If you’re registered then you should make a post somewhere, there are a couple introduction threads about MILA on the forum. If you intoroduce yourself there (be specific, so they know you’re not a robot) then you will get approved and will see the Development section of the forum where the MILA shaders are.

  3. Do you know happen to know where I can get a good collection of Renderman shaders ? Some of the shaders I’ve found online were, to my taste very bland. There are renders that can convert Mental Ray to RIB (renderman) isn’t that alot of work for the renderer ? I haven’t done any tests, are the results just as good ? Am I making a bigger issue out of this then needed ? If you can’t answer do you know any forums that are active that won’t require me to talk about ‘shader code development, where there is a dual communication between artists and shader developers ?

  4. I’ll take your advice, I was going to buy 3Delight, leaning towards, no 🙂 It was fast at displacement mapping, what captured me.
    The extra converting step was making me question, with 3Delight.

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