Public render settings updated for Maya 2014

I’ve released a new public render setting user interface for Maya 2014:


  • Native environment lighting mode integration.
  • Exposed trapezoidal shutter shape function for more realistic motion blur.  I’ll explain these settings in another post.
  • Renamed “Contrast As Color” UI option to “Quaily As Color”.  This is more consistent with current naming and is also more intuitive.
  • Slight layout rearrangement to improve workflow.
  • Moved Adsk specific shader options to legacy.

Feedback and comments are welcome.  Please report bugs on on the google code page.

Download here.


About bnrayner

I am a VFX developer specializing in 3d rendering. With a background in Physics and Digital Art, I enjoying using math to explain how light interacts with materials and to creating pretty pictures along the way.

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  1. Thank you very much!!!!!!^^

    • I’m a bit surprised that this still doesn’t work on Maya 2013.5 (Extension).

      • Autodesk broke compatability in 2013.5 It was also a private release for subscription members. So we moved to 2014 instead. The original script will work for SP2 and 2013.

  2. David Thank you for the updated script!
    You are the BEST 😉

  3. Hi guys! 🙂

    Could you point this:

    It seems “environment lighting mode” (string option 42) has a value first set to “false”.

    But when I enable, then disable “Environment Lighting Mode” in the UI, the value is set to “off”.

    From the documentation, “off” is the good value to use. Even if “false” is “valid”, is there any hope you change this on your side or I need to add a “special case” in my script?

    I think the nice option is to use documentation value. 🙂

  4. I was using the the public render settings update for Maya 2014 (service pack 1&2) and I noticed that the UI controls (excluding on/off) do not do anything? i.e. the string options do not update in miDefaultOptions when a value is inputted in to the UI controls.

    I reported this on the google project page, but I commented here in the hope that you will tell me this is something that it is wrong my end, as it seems crazy that no-one had mentioned this before?

    Anyway thanks again for the community scripts


    • Not tried SP2 yet. Have to see what the problem is. Try deleting any presets you might have too.

      • Thanks for the reply. I don’t have any render settings presets, I tried deleting the default ones, but the same result.

        I seem to have this in SP1 as well. Anyway, thanks again.

  5. The Quality of IBL seems to be locked at low value, and changing it not giving any results…

  6. In which folder i have to add these scripts? I work on a mac. Thanks

    • On a Mac, I put them here:


      Substitute my username for your own

  7. I have a similair problem. In 2013 i used it a lot. But in 2014 the intensity value does not work. Any solution available ?

    • This was a Maya limitation in how it was interpreted I think. Maya 2015 exposes the control through integration so this part of the UI won’t be supported in the future.

      • Maya 2015 exposes it on the ibl node, but I find it handy when using sun and sky as well, in 2014. Makes a noticeable quality and performance increase. Any idea on how to implement it in that type of situation?

      • It is useful for that, for now the UI hasn’t been reworked enough but that problem is on the list. For now you might try creating it and turning it on with nothing attached. Or you can try manually turning it on in the miDefaultOptions

  8. Hi David,
    I’m also a bit confused about the Env lighting mode. Where do I have to map my HDRI ? In the “scale” ? Because nothing happens !!! Even when I use a normal user_ibl_env… nothing ?
    Is it because of this “intensity” issue ?

    I use Maya 2014 SP2 with Windows 8.

  9. Do you have one for maya 2015?

    • Maya 2015 ships with an updated UI that includes (note: environment lighting mode is there but may be difficult to find). I hope to start working closer with Autodesk and Nividia to improve the main branch directly.

      • It’s because I always got an error with maya 2015 mental ray. I can’t see the quality, indirect lighting and options tabs. I got the same problem with maya 2014 but with this script it worked now, that;s why i asked you if you have one for maya 2015. Thanks

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