The Material Definition Language (MDL): New Information

nVidia ARC has released a new webpage with more details on the Material Definition Language, MDL.

You can find more information on the webpage here.

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I am a VFX artist that specializes in Lighting and Rendering. I spend a fair amount of my time supplying clients with artistic solutions as well as technology solutions. With a background in fine art and technical animation training, I strive to bridge the divide between the artist and technologist.

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  1. Appreciate the information you provide on the site; has been very helpful as I learn more about Mental Ray (MR). I’m currently on a quest to learn how to create Maya MR (mia_xxx) materials; I’m still relatively new to rendering and have a few questions …

    Q – Is iRay is a “for-purchase” product and is MDL exclusive to it – i.e. not compatible with Maya and/or native MR?

    Q – Are there good resources/books one can reference that covers the creation of materials (various woods, etc.) that can be both compatible with MR/iRay and products such as Maya, 3ds Max, etc.


    • iray is an integration product, however, [0x1] is working on a separate iray plug-in for Maya. You can find that information further down the blog.

      MDL is only used in iray for now, in so much as it is the first (not only) product to integrate it.

      For now, only the mia_material is mimicked in the iray core. Any references you can find for using the mia_material for shader creation will work with iray unless you layer it or use an unsupported feature (like reflection interpolation)

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