Autodesk Maya 2015 announcement

You may find some of the coming changes here for Maya 2015: Maya Overview

However, there is more detail we will go into on these features and more once a final release is made.

A more attractive display can be found here:

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I am a VFX artist that specializes in Lighting and Rendering. I spend a fair amount of my time supplying clients with artistic solutions as well as technology solutions. With a background in fine art and technical animation training, I strive to bridge the divide between the artist and technologist.

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  1. I know BiFrost is not ICE, I don’t think it’s Autodesk Intention to create a clone. My theory is that node based programming, didn’t take off as well as they were expecting. Good olde scripting is most reliable. Other then that BiFrost liquids do look very impressive.

  2. Flip solver ? The Softimage community was expecting a ICE replacement, compared to the fluids in other packages, there is no denying the BiFrost fluids are most likely, top notch.

    • FLIP solver is the fluid solver. Naiad itself is an impressive piece of software and this looks to be just a beginning integration into Maya. I am not sure we can count on SI technology making its way to other products any time soon.

  3. I agree with you. I did notice that they have taken some things from Softimage and brought it into Maya 2015, otherwise it is impressive. Once Autodesk has taken the technology they want from Softimage, into space the program will go.

    My impression is Autodesk is starting to focus on the smaller studio / freelancer with Maya 2015 which is good for people as myself as not to feel overwhelmed.

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