Monthly Archives: March 2014

Upcoming GTC week

There looks to be plenty of news headed out of GTC next week for NVIDIA Products.

In the meantime you will find on the NVIDIA homepage a direct link under Products > Technologies to the Advanced Rendering Products

We will keep you up to date but we may be scooped by someone close by.

Autodesk Maya 2015 announcement

You may find some of the coming changes here for Maya 2015: Maya Overview

However, there is more detail we will go into on these features and more once a final release is made.

A more attractive display can be found here:

GPU Technology Conference

Despite how quiet it’s been lately, there’s a lot going on. (And soon to get very busy on here!)

In a week I will be at GTC along with developers from NVIDIA talking about rendering technology in 3ds Max and Maya. If you’re around, be sure and say “Hi!” to the team.

You can read about the session here: Rendering Innovations