mental ray Direct Sales and Support

Just announced is that NVIDIA is now selling mental ray Standalone directly to users. Previously you would buy Standalone from your integration partner like Autodesk as well as support. This support comes with as few as 10 licenses.

Important things to note about this:

  • Support is provided through NVIDIA directly
  • Access to private support forum
  • Enables DCC application updates
  • Types of support based on customer and need
  • Current versions of mental ray available as well as fixes sooner

As a side effect this moves mental ray into the realm of a separate product from DCC applications and makes NVIDIA the source of information for mental ray in the future. Feedback from customers now reaches developers at ARC without filtering through an integration partner.

Take a look at their new page here: mental ray Standalone

Official Blog announcement here.

Courtesy Jamir Blanco

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I am a VFX artist that specializes in Lighting and Rendering. I spend a fair amount of my time supplying clients with artistic solutions as well as technology solutions. With a background in fine art and technical animation training, I strive to bridge the divide between the artist and technologist.

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  1. This could become whereas Maya no longer comes with Mental Ray and you have to buy your own render engine, which is sour !

  2. They are pricing it at 695 per single license. In the past this would allow you to use 5 licenses. I am happy that they are directly selling the stand alone licenses, but I did not like the new pricing model. One license per process spawned (whether it is in the same machine or multiple systems) and no 5 licenses package per 695 anymore!

    • Originally (some time ago) it was socket limited. It’s not now. Why do you need more than one process per machine? It scales across cores/threads. Raytrace performance suffers by limiting threads and memory unlike rasterization.

      • I don’t need more than one process per machine. I’m just considering the fact that now one license costs the same as five before, and you have to buy ten licenses minimum, I guess it makes sense for the market of big renderfarms. I just don’t like this price move, that’s all. I don’t use autodesk software (well, except for ‘mental ray stand alone’ which is actually owned by nvidia…),

      • I’m confused, do you mean the 5 Mayabatch licenses that come with Maya? Mayabatch licenses are not the same as Standalone. That’s a different thing and not affected by this at all.

        Standalone has different benefits as noted in the post. Standalone from NVIDIA (instead of Autodesk for example) has even more benefits for those wanting updates and interaction with the actual developers that make and support mental ray.

      • Hi David, I replied your last post, but looks like I just made a new post. I actually mean the stand alone version. This was what I bougth from autodesk in 2013. No maya batchrender licenses. I did not buy maya at all, I bought mental ray and the autodesk reseller sold me a 5 licenses pack. So what bugs me is the fact that now, not only I have to buy more licenses up front (10) but also it costs more per license. That’s all. Mental Ray is an outstanding piece of code, and I am glad that nvidia is giving it the importance it deserves. But I can’t say I am happy with their price policy.

      • I’m not sure who your reseller is, but sounds like you got a deal. Typically the price is a single license. Last I checked with RFX it was one license/node and not a 5 pack. That was some time ago and I’m not aware of it changing.

  3. No, I mean mental ray stand alone.

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