Using MDL in Maya 2016

mental ray 3.13 supports many features of the Material Definition Language from NVIDIA. Maya 2016 allows you to use custom libraries of MDL materials in a limited fashion for this initial integration.

The official mental ray blog has posted directions on how to take advantage of MDL in their post today from Sandra.

Take a look and download the MDL library with example files. If you’d like to learn more about writing MDL, visit the MDL Handbook page:

Future integrations will improve the capabilities and supported features inside Maya.

MDL used in Maya 2016

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I am a VFX artist that specializes in Lighting and Rendering. I spend a fair amount of my time supplying clients with artistic solutions as well as technology solutions. With a background in fine art and technical animation training, I strive to bridge the divide between the artist and technologist.

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  1. These are great! Very simple to set up and intuitive to use. Are there existing packages online, in addition to the examples provided, that we can download? Can we use iray packages?

  2. Isn’t an MDL what is used in iRay ? What benefit is theere for it to be used in Maya, if Maya doesn’t have iRay ?

    • MDL is a universal format anyone can adopt (it’s free) it describes what to render, not how. This means you can render across platforms and software using the same description. Mental ray 3.13 and Iray can share these for identical renderings. (Mental ray support is still limited for now)

      • Thanks. Although MDL still in it’s infancy, as mentioned in Sandra’s blog, it still needs to evolve. 🙂

      • Iray has the modern integration. mental ray will catch up but supporting all features will take more time. Iray was built in MDL.

      • To clarify on Christopher’s comment, MDL itself is very full-featured. But yes, the integrations, the libraries available as standard, the recommended practices for creating your own, all these things will evolve quickly.

  3. Claude Garamond

    Check the license agreement clause 2.2 and 2.3 before doing anything with MDL.

    • 2.2 and 2.3 are to protect other licensed technologoes by NVIDIA. For example: if you use MDL you are not given license to use other technology (e.g. rQMC) as part of the implimentation without paying for the separate licenses.

  4. Claude Garamond

    Moderation is LAME btw 🙂

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