mental ray returns home

Announced today in a knowledge article from Autodesk, mental ray will no longer ship with future versions of Maya beginning with release 2017.

NVIDIA is continuing mental ray as their own product and is testing their free Beta version for Maya 2017 with new features like the GPU accelerated GI Next and interactive rendering. In some scenes the GI Next performace is nearly 15x faster than CPU rendering.

Find out more in their press release:


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  1. Hi,
    No more updates on the blog ? Did you switch over a other renderer ? 3.14 is soon out, any advice on it ?

    I love your blog and I’m sad it is no more updated 😦

    • Until NVIDIA began releasing their own version of mental ray (today!), useful features to talk about from Autodesk were non-existent. That meant some slow times while they transitioned.

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