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2013 Toyota Avalon: Formula

Here’s another spot rendered with mental ray.

The environment and car were rendered and composited with live action ink and effects from Houdini.

Originally envisioned as a filmed piece, it was decided later that the car and environment would be replaced with a purely rendered version. The artists matched the shot car so closely it was impossible to tell the difference. This allowed the freedom to change how the commercial was shot while maintaining the original look and feel the director desired.

Take a look here: 2013 Toyota Avalon: Formula

Toyota Avalon: Formula

Toyota Avalon: Formula

Your car was built in mental ray

Chevrolet Corvette © General Motors

If you’ve been shopping for a car lately and you’ve been coveting the new Chevrolet Corvette 2013; then you might be surprised to know the cars in Build Your Own are rendered with mental ray.

Produced by RTT in Detroit, the cars are rendered in a complex pipeline that allows the creation of an entire car in pieces lit realistically by the user_ibl_env with set captured data. The cars are then taken into Nuke for assembly and color grading to match up pieces. Once delivered you can browse different builds or trims of the car; each created from separate files and merged to view photo-realistically.

With multiple passes, these cars using modern techniques and Unified Sampling take anywhere from 20-30 minutes a frame at 3000 x 1688 resolution (when rendered complete). Smaller HD resolutions can take as little as 10 minutes.

Keep an eye on the Chevrolet site to see more and more of these renders show up in not just the Build Your Own (BYO) but other places as well.

Start building your own Corvette here: Chevy Corvette – Build Your Own

Chevrolet Corvette © General Motors

Chevrolet Corvette © General Motors