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Like a Boss

RTT Germany recently released a short animation using mental ray for the exterior shots.

Using Unified Sampling and a combination of the user_ibl_env and a physical sun or the native IBL, they rendered the frames with motion blur, taking anywhere from nine minutes to two hours a frame.

From one of the artists involved on the project, Adrian Chifor:

The unified sampling also allowed me to have 3d motion blur and the biggest render time was no longer than a couple of hours with most of the frames rendering below 30 min per frame. Since the lighting was very simple the render times were never an issue. As far as passes I only had the beauty and on some shots I used an AO pass. I think for one shot I used a normal pass for a post relighting tweak, the rest were just masks and shadow.

Take a look at the finished animation below as well as the RTT Showreel here: RTT Work

chase like a boss from adi chifor on Vimeo.

The World of Rolex

Welcome to the World of Rolex.

This spot was created in London and despite the seemingly simple look of some shots, contained many area lights across an expansive space and quite a bit of glossy reflection. The rendering of the depth of field was accomplished in-camera (in render) using Unified Sampling.  The longest frames were 2 hours a frame at HD. Take a look below:

2013 Toyota Avalon: Electric

Recently completed at The Mill is a commercial for the Toyota Avalon called “Electric”. You may recognize this set from a previous piece called “Formula”.

This was rendered in mental ray with a complete CG car as before but added lightning as object area lights to get the right feel of light from the contact points.

Special thanks to Brenton for making this light shader for us to use.

You can see the commercial here: Toyota Avalon: Electric

Toyota Avalon: Electric

Toyota Avalon: Electric


“Best Job”

Thought I’d post another spot rendered with mental ray.

From a spot for Proctor and Gamble highlighting the moms that raise Olympic Athletes, The Mill created CG crowds and stadiums using Maya and Massive.

This spot also garnered an Emmy win for The Mill, L.A. Congratulations to the team!

You can watch the ad here: The Mill – Best Job


Proctor and Gamble – Best Job