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iray in Maya 2013

Recently Twitted on the mental ray Twitter feed:

iray in 3.10 with motion blur

We thought we’d try and make it happen in Maya 2013. With some digging and a license of Standalone; the end result is a complex menagerie: Spinning Buddha!

iray 2.0 in mental ray 3.10

For Progressive + IPR you need: A new Maya 2013 SP1 re-posted for download on Autodesk’s site: Autodesk – Autodesk Maya Services and Support

So how do you make this happen? (Please note that the magic works for Windows right now. Linux can be found in the comments from Brenton. Haven’t gotten to OSX.)

Well, first you need the correct files. This means you need a licensed copy of either mental ray Standalone or 3ds Max (Or Design) separately or as part of your bundle. You will need these files:

  • libiray.dll
  • libiraymr.dll
  • cudart64_40_17.dll (Possibly slightly different, this is x64)

Place these into a single directory you create, name it whatever you need to make it recognizable. In our example we’ll simply call it: iray

On Windows we placed it here:  <My Documents>\maya\2013-x64\iray

You now need to alter the Maya.env file found in the correct folder for 2013. You can find it here: C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\maya\2013-x64\Maya.env

Open with a plain text editor and add these lines:


Now open Maya and render using the information and hints found on the ARC forum here:

Maya and mental ray iray

Welcome to the World of iray

Some short tests confirmed that this works with Progressive IPR in Maya 2013 SP1.