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2013 Toyota Avalon: Electric

Recently completed at The Mill is a commercial for the Toyota Avalon called “Electric”. You may recognize this set from a previous piece called “Formula”.

This was rendered in mental ray with a complete CG car as before but added lightning as object area lights to get the right feel of light from the contact points.

Special thanks to Brenton for making this light shader for us to use.

You can see the commercial here: Toyota Avalon: Electric

Toyota Avalon: Electric

Toyota Avalon: Electric


Hot Wheels – Immersion

This is an example of Unified Sampling on a commercial production.

Hot Wheels "Immersion"

These images were rendered with motion blur at HD 1080. Tests using more brute force settings helped lead us to the results we’ve discussed here: Unified Sampling – Visually for the Artist We found we could render smooth motion blur (no grain) and at a savings of 10-15% time per frame.

This piece is also nominated for a Visual Effects Society (VES) award for Best Virtual Cinematography. Congratulations to the team members involved at The Mill! (Link was broken, restored now)

Take a look! Hot Wheels – Immersion

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