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“Best Job”

Thought I’d post another spot rendered with mental ray.

From a spot for Proctor and Gamble highlighting the moms that raise Olympic Athletes, The Mill created CG crowds and stadiums using Maya and Massive.

This spot also garnered an Emmy win for The Mill, L.A. Congratulations to the team!

You can watch the ad here: The Mill – Best Job


Proctor and Gamble – Best Job


Rendered with mental ray

While we’ve been busy, a few good shots have come out using mental ray, including the Mirror Man from Snow White and the Huntsmen.

Take a look at some of the great artist work in these spots:

Behind the Scenes of the Mirror Man

Another commercial using primarily mental ray as the renderer with Unified Sampling at Brute Force settings:

Northfolk Southern

Making of Norfolk Southern

“Transformers: Dark of the Moon” Breakdowns

Here’s another look at some of the breakdowns from ILM for “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, including the Driller sequence.

You can find more of their amazing work here: ILM Visual FX on YouTube

Hope this keeps you warm while we cook up a few things and hope to have some more to coincide with new software releases.

Unified Rendering – Toyota “Built”

Rendered in mental ray 3.9 and Unified Sampling with motion blur.

The portion with the engine block being assembled was 2 hours a frame with motion blur at 1080HD