NVIDIA has begun their own independent Beta for mental ray 3.14 for Autodesk Maya 2016.

Its nickname is “pi-ray” because, you know, 3.14159….

This is a development alpha/beta. Features are introduced one after another for testing and feedback instead of one big bag of features all at once.

Take a peek at their forum post for requirements and then send them an email to sign up! (You have to be a forum member to participate.)


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  1. Awesome new features. I really like it.

  2. Hi David

    Any news on caustics working with the new (GI) Prototype?



    • GI Next doesn’t handle caustics (bidirectional) on its own yet so photons are still required (and possibly faster) for now. But it does everything else.

  3. hi there ,….in the scene tab…when i tick on anyone of standard utility pass for example :AO….i got the settings releted to ao,and if i tick depth.. i got the settings for depth in the attribute editor..but when i click some where else..they are gone now it hard to find the settings for them…unlike mila light path pass..they have little triange type icon after each lpe…say direct diffuse..so if click somewhere else..no problem i can find those setting releted to direct diffuse by clicking that little triangle..but how to to the same in case standard utility pass… plz help me out.. thankyou

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